Third isa workshop on trajectories for the future of aviation

Innovative Pathways and Sustainable Solutions for Aviation's Future

The Institute for Sustainable Aviation was delighted to host its 3rd workshop on « Trajectories for the Future of Aviation » on Monday, July 1st, at CERFACS in Toulouse. The presentations, which covered numerous research areas, highlighted the interactions and impacts across disciplinary fields, thereby fostering a holistic approach to the transition of the aviation sector.

The presentations addressed:

  • A comprehensive study on the impact of taxation as a mechanism to encourage the decarbonization of aviation,
  • An in-depth analysis of the welfare effect of a carbon tax in the long distance passenger market,
  • An examination of the entire lifecycle of aircraft and the potential for improving recyclability within the aviation industry,
  • An exploration of innovative design approaches that incorporate uncertainties to enhance aircraft efficiency,
  • Predictive and management models for the renewal of aircraft fleets to meet future needs,
  • A holistic approach to the life cycle assessment of air transport systems.

Thank you to the organizers, all the speakers, and participants for their invaluable contributions and the high quality of the discussions, which helped make this workshop a success.

Below are the presentations :

Life Cycle Assessment of Air Transport System – Félix Pollet

Predictive and management models for the renewal of aircraft fleets – Paco Viry

Carbon Tax on Competition – Marc Ivaldi

Life Cycle and recyclability – Lionel G. Roques