The purpose of this policy is to inform you in a clear and transparent manner about the use of cookies and other tracers on the website (the « Website »). To set up your cookies and tracers, click here. You can also click on the « Cookie Management » link at the bottom of the screen on our site.



Cookies are small files stored by a server on a user’s terminal (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) and are associated to a web domain (i.e. all the pages of the same website). These files are automatically sent back when the user comes back to the same domain.

They only collect information related to your use of the Website, so that your device can be recognized at subsequent visits and this facilitates implementation of some of the Website features, such as saving your preferences or enabling comments on a blog.

There are several types of cookies:

  • session cookies that disappear as soon as you leave the site;
  • permanent cookies that remain on your terminal equipment until their lifetime expires or until you delete them using your browser settings;
  • internal cookies that are placed by ISA;
  • third party cookies that are cookies placed by a third party on the Website and enable the third party to see which pages have been visited on the site by the user and to collect information about him/her.



There are several categories of cookies used on the Website and each has its own purpose:


Technical and security cookies are used are required for the proper functioning of the Website. Without them, services such as memorizing the contents of your shopping cart or language selection would not work. Therefore, they do not require your consent.


We use audience measurement cookies to collect information about how you use our Website (number of visits and traffic source) and to improve its performance.


We use cookies from third parties for advertising purposes. These cookies are used for marketing purposes such as displaying targeted advertising, conducting market research and evaluating the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.


If you view multimedia content directly on the Website, YouTube will collect and use your browsing data on its own behalf to target advertising and content based on your browsing history.


Our Website uses the « social plug-ins or tags » from the Linkedin and Youtube social networks. These social plug-ins are recognizable by their respective logos and allow you to access our pages directly on these networks.

In order to best protect your data when you use our Website, we have integrated these plug-ins so that the connection to the social network operator is established only when you activate the plug-in by clicking on the corresponding icon. When the connection is established by activating the plug-in, we have no influence on the extent of the data collected by Google or Linkedin.

To our knowledge, thanks to the interaction with one of the social plug-ins, the operator of the social network concerned receives information concerning the pages on our Website that you have visited. If at the same time, you are connected to a social network, the operator of this social network can also associate the corresponding visits from your account to the social network. Even if you are not a member of one of the social networks listed, they may be able to retrieve and possibly register your IP address via the plug-in when you click on the plug-in.

For further details regarding the scope and purpose of processing, collecting and using data by Google and Linkedin, as well as your rights and configuration options, we invite you to consult their respective privacy policies (see paragraph below).

If you are a customer of one of the social networks listed, but do not want them to be able to collect your data from our Website and link it to your user account, you must log out of the social network in question before clicking on a plug-in.


The companies that place third-party cookies on the site are:

In this context, ISA acts as a joint processing controller for the collection and transmission of data to these third-party companies, but only to the extent that this is technically necessary. Beyond technical collection and transmission, ISA has no control over the cookies and third-party tracers of these companies
Therefore, we recommend that you consult the privacy policies, as well as the terms and conditions of these third-party companies available on their respective websites before accepting the placing of the cookies concerned.




When you first visit our Website, you will be given the option to accept or decline the use of all cookies and other tracers. You can manage and change your choices at any time according to the following possibilities:

  1. Directly on our Website, from the consent management module, or
    2. from your browser, or
    3. from interprofessional opposition platforms.

N.B.: taking your consent or refusal into account is based on a cookie. Therefore, if you disable all cookies on your terminal or if you change your terminal, we will no longer know whether you have chosen to accept or refuse cookies.

  1. Managing your cookies from the consent management module A module enables you to choose which cookies and other tracers you wish to accept and which ones you wish to refuse on our Website. You can access this module at any time by clicking here.
  2. Managing your cookies from your browser: You can configure your browser so that cookies are saved on your terminal or rejected, either systematically or according to their sender.

You can also regularly delete cookies from your terminal via your browser.

However, do not forget to set the parameters of all the browsers on your various terminals (tablets, smartphones, computers, etc.).

It is specified that the configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu of your browser, which will allow you to know how to modify your choices regarding cookies. For example:

For more information, we invite you to visit the website of the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés:

  1. Online management of your cookies from interprofessional opposition platforms: Several advertising platforms also offer you the possibility of refusing or accepting cookies used by the companies that are members of them.

These centralized mechanisms do not block the display of advertisements but only prevent the installation of cookies that allow the adaptation of advertisements to your interests and behavior.
You can, for example, connect to the site to prevent the installation of these cookies on your terminal. This site is proposed by digital advertising professionals grouped within the European Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) and is managed in France by the Interactive Advertising Bureau France.

You will be able to find out which companies are registered on this platform and which offer you the possibility of refusing or accepting the cookies they use to adapt the advertisements likely to be displayed on your browser, according to the data they collect:

This European platform is shared by hundreds of Internet advertising professionals and constitutes a centralized interface allowing you to express your refusal or acceptance of cookies as specified above.