Unlocking the Air-Tourism Nexus: Investigating Regional Economies with Sustainable Aviation Research

Natalie's work explores the dynamic interplay between air transportation and tourism and its significant implications for regional economies in our in-depth investigation.

Natalie Gillespie, a Master’s student specializing in International Air Transport and Tourism Management (MITAT) at Université III Paul Sabatier, embarks on a captivating 5-month internship at the Institute for Sustainable Aviation.

Entitled « Mapping the Socio-Economic Dependence of Tourism on Air Transport: A Case Study of the Occitanie Region, » Natalie’s research aims to deepen our understanding of the complex links between tourism and air transport. Under the supervision of Jocelyne Napoli, head of the MITAT program, and Laurent Joly, director of the Institute for Sustainable Aviation, Natalie strives to construct a comprehensive model evaluating regions’ vulnerability and resilience to changes in air transport dynamics. By employing established research methodologies, Natalie explores intricate dynamics to uncover essential insights for sustainable tourism development.

Supported by the Occitanie Region, this study promises to significantly contribute to the challenges of « Destination Management » in a rapidly evolving tourism landscape.

As we move forward, applying these findings can pave the way for more robust strategies in destination management and contribute to a more sustainable and prosperous future for regions reliant on tourism and air travel.



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