Invited at the fall edition of the bi-annual IAEG (International Aerospace Environmental Group) meeting by its Chair, Bruno Costes, and our partner Sopra Steria, Laurent Joly, director of ISA, accompanied by Ayedin Manzari, director of the Aeroline Zero Emission Programme (Sopra-Steria) presented AeroMAPS to a large gathering of aviation industry professionals.

The contribution of scientists to the definition of transition pathways for aviation to reduce its environmental impact requires the deployment of interdisciplinary research to represent the complex system that is the air transport sector. This is the ambition of the Institute for Sustainable Aviation and of AeroMAPS, a multidisciplinary platform for the construction of prospective scenarios, developed at ISAE-SUPAERO and tailored to integrate contributions from ISA and beyond.

Laurent Joly and Ayedin Manzari gave a presentation in the Best Practices session. This plenary presentation emphasized the scientific relevance of this open-source platform, which has been redesigned within the framework of this partnership, to make simple the access to a very dense computing core, now expanding towards the description of economic and regulatory trajectories, SAF productions pathways, fleets and air routes.

The presentation received a warm welcome from the aviation industry. There’s no doubt that this integrated sectoral modelling meets the need for a holistic vision of the sector’s transformation. While it certainly enables to assess the global levers of transformation, it is evolving to shed light on the specific strategies of players increasingly engaged in making sustainability a primary industrial imperative, in response to rising standards on its externalities (material, climatic and human rights).

A great opportunity to inspire academic research through industrial issues, and to connect science with society.

The new platform will be available soon. Consult the version currently available here :




First ISA bi-annual seminar

More than 50 researchers, teachers and representatives of the aviation industry took part in the bi-annual seminar organized by the Institute for Sustainable Aviation (ISA)

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