Yishuo Gu's internship work explores data insights for enhanced economic and environmental impact.

Yishuo Gu embarks on his internship journey at the Institute for Sustainable Aviation, diving into the realm of « Data analysis & consolidation for airline fleet economics and environment. » Graduating from the Grande Ecole program at Toulouse Business School with a specialization in air transport management from ENAC in 2022, Yishuo brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his research endeavors.

Under the guidance of finance researcher Sylvain Bourjade (ISA-TBS) and the supervision of Laurent Joly (ISA-ISAE-SUPAERO), Yishuo is set to renew the way we describe airline fleets on a global scale. From consolidating data to categorizing airlines based on fleet characteristics and performance metrics, Yishuo’s work holds the promise of illuminating their strategies for addressing environmental challenges.

As Yishuo collaborates with other young researchers like Paco Viry, he contributes to ISA’s interdisciplinary research efforts, propelling forward the mission of sustainable aviation. Stay tuned as Yishuo’s insights pave the way for more informed decisions and sustainable practices within the aviation industry.





First ISA bi-annual seminar

More than 50 researchers, teachers and representatives of the aviation industry took part in the bi-annual seminar organized by the Institute for Sustainable Aviation (ISA)

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