Cast, our open-access academic tool, evolving into AeroMAPS

In 2021, we released CAST, an open-access academic tool from ISAE-SUPAERO to model transition scenarios for the airline industry. Today, CAST is evolving into AeroMAPS.

AeroMAPS features many improvements over CAST, including market/fleet partitioning, fleet renewal models, a detailed description of several alternative fuels and energy resource consumption assessments. What’s more, the code is now open-source via this link:
A graphical interface is still available at this link to facilitate initial use:
Specific documentation is also available:

Ultimately, AeroMAPS is intended to model, with several levels of fidelity, the different components of air transport, their associated impacts and their multiple interactions. Multiple disciplinary fields (engineering, environment, economics, regulation, sociology…) will be integrated into the project, and work has already begun on modeling transition costs (alternative fuels, new aircraft) and regulatory tools (EU-ETS, CORSIA). This work is a key component of the research carried out by the Institute for Sustainable Aviation (ISA). The aim is to make AeroMAPS a sectoral IAM (Integrated Assessment Model) for aviation, enabling a holistic assessment of aviation transition scenarios.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about AeroMAPS.
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