The ISA is pleased to welcome Paula Navarro, a PhD student at the Norwegian School of Economics, who has been invited by the Toulouse School of Economics until March 2024 to measure several impacts on the state of competition in the aircraft manufacturing industry. 

Thanks to funding from the Occitanie Region, she will be able to carry out her research in collaboration with Marc Ivaldi and Catherine Muller, both Professors of Economics at the TSE and TBS respectively, and members of the ISA Management Committee.

The aim of her work is to measure the impact on the state of competition in the aircraft manufacturing industry,

1. changes in the institutional or macroeconomic environment, such as changes in regulations concerning CO2 emissions or a reduction in world growth;

2. the introduction of new, more fuel-efficient aircraft models, or more generally, new investments linked to the sustainability of aircraft;

3. the development of sustainable aviation fuels.

The aim will be to assess the extent to which the current functioning of the aviation markets is likely to encourage the development of greener aircraft in order to speed up the transformation towards sustainable aviation.