First ISA bi-annual seminar

More than 50 researchers, teachers and representatives of the aviation industry took part in the bi-annual seminar organized by the Institute for Sustainable Aviation (ISA) on Friday 7 July on the ISAE-SUPAERO campus.

The speakers, experts in a wide range of disciplines (law, economics, technology, etc.), have been looking at the future of aviation from all angles.

Short presentations of ISA-certified theses and work by students and doctoral candidates alternated with longer contributions from a SAFRAN expert and academic researchers (Université Toulouse Capitole, TBS Education, Cerfacs and ISAE-SUPAERO).

Building on the success of this first edition, the next ISA seminar on sustainable aviation will take place in December.

Program :

Law, regulations and metrics

Stéphane Mouton (UT1) – The legal issues raised by environmental regulations on transport (30′)

Julien Bétaille (UT1) – Environmental law modelling: an interdisciplinary research agenda (30′)

Barbara Mucke (UT1-ISAE) – EU ETS and CORSIA: aviation and its answers to climate impact (15′)

Vincent Jacquot (INPT-TBS) – Optimisation of the « green hydrogen » supply chain: application to mobility (15′)

Economics and system modelling

Thomas Planès (ISAE) – AeroMAPS: Development of a sector-specific AMI for researchers and decision-makers (30′)

Sylvain Bourjade (TBS) – Fleet renewal and leasing (30′)

Antoine Salgas (ISAE-SUPAERO / TBS) – Modelling and simulation of new regulatory measures in prospective scenarios for air transport (15′)

Ian Costa Alves (IRT-ISAE) – Aviation and climate change: development of integrated multidisciplinary modelling (15′)

Technology and fuels

Nicolas Jeuland (SAFRAN) – Aviation environmental impact: is there a path to carbon neutrality? (30′)

Omar Dounia and Eléonore Riber (CERFACS) – Modelling and simulation of H2 and SAF combustion (30′)

Suzanne Salles (ISAE-CERFACS) – Adapting air traffic to climate change: Impact of atmospheric variations on take-off performance (15′)

Bastien Pais (INPT-ISAE-ENAC) – Study of absolute environmental sustainability (15’)