Professor Stef Proost's presentation on an economist approach to sustainable aviation

The Institute for Sustainable Aviation has just launched a series of bimonthly webinars dedicated to international academic researchers and scientific experts on the subject of sustainable aviation. On March 19, we were delighted to welcome Professor Stef Proost, who presented "An Economist Approach to Sustainable Aviation ».

Stef Proost is emeritus full professor with formal duties at the Department of Economics of the University of Leuven (Belgium). He has been teaching Transport and Environmental economics as well as Energy economics for economists and engineers for 25 years. He is co-author of several models (TREMOVE, GEM-E3, Markal-Times) used by the European Commission to assess environmental policy in the transport sector and the interactions between the economy and climate in the EU economies and worldwide.

He elaborated on the economic mechanisms available to Europeans to implement the GHG emissions reduction trajectory. In particular, he defended the economic and environmental efficiency of the « multi-sector cap-and-trade » principle implemented in the European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS), especially if extended to non-CO2 effects (contrails). His economic perspective on this mechanism generated a great deal of interest and a particularly interesting exchange with Mathias Reynaert and the webinar attendees.

We thank our speaker for the clarity of his presentation, Marc Ivaldi (TSE-ISA) and Mathias Reynaert (TSE) for this scientific exchange at the core of the research stimulated by ISA.